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Sean Kelly

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 information Akrido Digital Assets is your trusted educator to navigate the world of digital assets. Digital assets such as Bitcoin, are relatively new and disruptive financial products. Like all technology and financial products, understanding the associated jargon can be confusing. Akrido Digital Assets gives you the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about where to invest your finances in the digital landscape.

Like all investments, there may be risk involved. Akrido Digital Assets wants you to fully understand the potential risks and rewards so that you can make the right decisions to achieve your financial goals. Because your time is more valuable than any financial asset we’ve designed our products with busy professionals in mind. We provide you with most critical market information, along with access to our cutting edge trading strategies and indicators. Learn about some of the common pitfalls so that you can avoid them, and where to go for information that you can trust. You know the reasons why you’re investing in digital assets, we know how to invest. Together we can get you started on your digital investing journey.

Sean Kelly, CEO of Akrido Digital Assets, holds an MSC in Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology from the University of Nicosia. With two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and seven years as a qualified cryptocurrency trader, he is uniquely placed to give other busy people relevant information on cryptocurrency. Akrido Digital Assets was started by Sean in 2021 to help people learn about cryptocurrency, digital asset trading and investing. Akrido Digital Assets is based in Dublin, Ireland.



We would like to inform you that Akrido digital assets is not regulated by any central bank. The material we provide is meant solely for educational purposes only. We strive to provide accurate information based on our research to the best of our ability. However, it is important to note that any investment decisions made by our subscribers are done so at their own risk. It is the responsibility of everyone to carefully consider their options before making any investment decisions. 

It is recommended that you never risk more than you are willing to lose. Leverage can lead to substantial losses. Any use of leverage, margin or shorting techniques is at your full discretion. Past performance and results do not guarantee future results, Akrido Digital Assets is not responsible for any losses that occur as a result of our services. Thank you for your understanding.
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