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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How can I access your strategies?

A) You can access our custom strategies through monthly or yearly subscription.

Q2) What do I need to sign up for subscription service?

A) You will need an active Binance and tradingview account to use our products. 

Q3) What payment methods do you accept?

A) We accept debit and credit cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Paypal. 

Q4) When I make a purchase how long will it take to get set up on your strategy?

A) Please allow three working days to get access to our strategies, there is a free one-hour learning session included with every purchase where we get you up and running over zoom.

Q5) Do you have a newsletter?

A) Yes, subscribe to our mailing list to receive our bi-weekly newsletter. 

Q7) Do you provide any follow-on support if needed?

A) Yes, customers can avail themselves of our online learning sessions that can be booked from our website whenever any additional support is needed. 

Q8) Do you offer refunds?

A) Yes
1) If you purchase a subscription and for some unforseen reason you can not access our products we will issue you a full refund
2) If you purchase an annual subscription and your portfolio has not increased in value by the date its due to renew, we will issue a full refund of your subscription. 

Q9) Am I in control of my funds at all times when using Akrido,s services?

A) Yes, any investment decisions are taken solely by the customer Akrido provides you with the education and the tools, and you are always in control of your funds. 

Q10) How much of a time commitment do you recommend to make your system work successfully?

A) You will not need to put in any time commitment after our set up process is complete. This can take around 48hrs from time of purchase. If you fail to select autotrade you would then need to do the trades yourself when the signals arrive to your email inbox. This can be time consuming so Autotrade is highly advisably.

Q11) Would I need to go in and place trades based on signals, or does the system do it for me?

A) No. After set up our auto invest system executes all trades from your own personal account which we never have access to.

Q12) What sort of minimum portfolio value do you recommend to have available for trading?

A) We suggest a minimum starting capital of 1k if possible but the client has full control over this and you can start with any amount you wish and top up and withdraw from your account whenever you want. Trades are done from clients account, we do not handle clients funds.

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